lunes, 14 de mayo de 2007

Welcome to Freddy´s World

Hi everyone!! How are you there? This is my firts blog ever...I´m not very well doing this but I try to do my best. I going to tell you about my life: My name´s Freddy Chávez but everybody calls me NEGRO. I´m from Lagunillas originally but I moved hear to Maracibo in 2000. I´m 22 years old because I was born July 2 1984. Rigth now I live in Padilla Avenue, between Ciudad Chinita Mall and the Basilica. I study Graphic Desing at URBE.
- What I Love?:

I´m a young and dinamic person and for that reason I love sports...I just loved play every tipe of games and I enjoy very much. Also I love Art, surfing the net and play computer games. I also like the good food. The Italian food and the fast food makes me crazy. Oh my god the Pasta its delicious. I loved the good movies too. The comedy and drama movies are great.
- What I hate?:

I hate the world injustices like Wars, racism, violence, general hungry, extreme poorly, contamination, etc... I also hate the bad politices of the goberments, the liers and the bad persons. For the reason that I enjoy the good movies a lot, I declare a "Bad movies hater"...oh my gog I just get sick when I go to the movie and seen a terrible movie...that´s said.

- I´m a dreamer:

I study Graphic Design that you now allready and for that reason In a future I like to become in a famous and succesfully Graphic Design around the world. I would like to have a Big House with a great pool and many sport cars. I also would like a very beautifull and good wife that loved me forever.

- About English:

That everybody know the English its the principal language for business and globalitation around the world...for this reason It think that learn english its a very good cause for everyone.

- Two folks that I know:

Luis Pulido:
He´s a very good person. He´s from Cabimas. He study Graphic Design like me. He´s 21 years old. He likes play basketball...its a very good player. He likes to do jokes...its a funny guy. He hate smoking, reggeton music and sleep late. His dream is graduate and start to work beacuse that is very important to him. For his life he wants to get married and have 10 kids.

David Narvaez:
He´s a shy person. Its a good guy. Everybody calls him "Azulito" because he always its wearing a Sebago blue jacket. He´s from Ojeda City originally but he live´s in Santa Maria, Maracaibo. He´s 19 years old and study Graphic Design. He loves the music, the soccer, video games, movies, anime, surffing the net and pass time with his friends. He hates the vegetable, his sister, smoking, the reggeton, wake up early and stay alone. Her dream is travel around the world and married with a japanesse girl.

I expect that you people enjoy at least a little of my blog becuase I enjoy doing it.